Manmade electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of multiple types trigger EHS, including: 
1.  Electrical currents
2.  Magnetic pulses which are generated by electrical currents
     In today's world everyone is exposed to two types of EMFs:
1.   Extremely low frequencies from electrical and electronic appliances and power lines (this includes dirty electricity in the kilohertz range)
2.  Radiofrequency and microwave radiation from communications antennas, wireless devices, Wi-Fi systems, security scanners, radio/TV broadcast sources and radar installations
Frequencies across the electromagnetic spectrum are now classified as Group 2B Carcinogenic 
 by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).  As a body of the World Health Organization, IARC is a multinational group composed of the world's leading cancer experts.
1.  In 2001, IARC classifed ELF electromagnetic fields as possibly carcinogenic and designated this radiation in the same 2B category as DDT and lead.1  In 2002,  the California Department of Health announced that its multi-million dollar studies confirmed that ELF electromagnetic fields are linked to childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and miscarriages.2
2. In 2011, IARC classified the radiofrequency and microwave bands of the electromagnetic spectrum as possibly carcinogenic, placing these frequencies in the Group 2B category. This designation is based on numerous and recent studies showing that long-term exposure to cell phone radiation can lead to glioma brain cancer and acoustic neuroma, a (usually benign) tumor of the auditory nerve.3
    EHS, the precursor of serious inflammatory conditions, can be triggered by toxic electromagnetic energy across the spectrum, including: ELF, kilohertz, megahertz, gigahertz and terahertz radiation.  
 Multiple EHS symptoms are reported from both acute and chronic exposure to electromagnetic sources, including:
  Power lines and transformers near homes

Electric milligauss (ELF) exposure from electronic devices
 Dirty electricity in the kilohertz spectrum
"Smart" utility meters and smart household appliances
which emit both dirty electricity and microwaves
Cell phones and smart phones which emit both ELF and microwaves
Cordless landline phones and base stations which emit ELF and microwaves
Computers improperly grounded, especially including those with Wi-Fi
Wireless tablets and e-readers which emit ELF and microwaves from multiple antennas
Bluetooth headsets and other wireless wearables which emit ELF microwaves

                 Wi-Fi microwave signals from computers, routers and access points
inside of buildings and commercial aircraft
Wireless entertainment systems which emit ELF and microwaves
Motors that generate low frequency electromagnetic signals
and microwave communications systems mounted inside of vehicles
Wireless security systems that microwave the interior of buildings
Cell tower and broadcast tower radiation across the spectrum
Rooftop RF/microwave antennas
 And coming soon: 
 Google's new networks of microwave transmitters
dangling in the skies above all 50 US states,
  enabling corporations to sell Internet signals anywhere
  Millions of new 5G radio antennas that will accommodate
  universal wireless broadband and the Internet of Things
 Click the picture below to see how AT&T is planning to use America's electrical grid
to propagate high-band microwaves (millimeter waves) into all inhabited buildings across the nation